In the digital era, many words are confusion as like VPN & VPS both names are same but these words…

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CloudFlare Setting

Cloudflare page and firewall rules for wordpress(Improve website speed & security)

hello guys, I know almost every blogger use Cloudflare cdn because it protects your website from many types of attack….

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How to Migrate WordPress Website to another Host

Nowadays,  I think every blogger must choose WordPress for blogging or making any type of website. WordPress is the CMS platform where…

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How to use Cloudflare CDN for WordPress

Hey, guys today I will show you how to use Cloudflare CDN on your website to give it best performance and security….

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What is Git and GitHub

What is Github? Every person who is on the internet hears the name of Github. Github is a world no1…

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Cloudflare DNS

Cloudflare launched DNS & how to Setup it on Phones and Pc

Cloudflare provides web security and content delivery network that improves website performance. Cloudflare also launched our Cloudflare DNS server. They believe…

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